Unarine Ramaru Photographer & Content Creator

About Me

If it were by choice, I would go without a first name. From an early age, a mention of my name came with a horror filled reception. That ended after my then occasionally outbursts to “Unarene, Urine, Narene…” my parents sat me down and explained what my name Unarine, a TshiVenda name, truly meant. Had I known from a tender age, it meant “God is with us,” I believe I would’ve worn a name badge all the time.

From then onwards, I’ve learnt to embrace the name and allow its meaning to dictate every aspect of my life.

Unarine Ramaru have claimed a number of hats over the years, that is social commentator, publisher, small business owner, award nominated recording poet, Hip Hop scholar and activist for Hip Hop Lekgotla

Seven years ago, I founded an e-publication magazine, called Y-Not Culture under my company Magnific Media House. When I started, 50% of the time I kept telling myself how crazy an idea it was, for a young boy to see this through on his own. Not knowing three years down the line, I will able to say, I have featured Grammy, SAMA, European Music Award winners and International celebrated youth culture leaders.

I am a Media Studies and Journalism graduate from the University of the Free State. In my high school days, I took part in a host of social activities that taught me a lot of lessons, which I believe in the near future, I will share through a book twined with an autobiography, detailing how great a son and brother I am. Also how I hate coming out of conversations without learning anything.

My fascination of media, news, photography and hip hop culture, pretty much describes my social media presence.

The journey has just started, it might take a different course from here but as long as I don’t identify myself with a negative environment, coffee will animate my days and God will continue to be with me.