Voices of Being by Unarine Ramaru

She Said

By Ethnite

So many voices speak out,

They call out for introspection, self-love and the ever so elusive self-acceptance.

They have their whys and hows on my this and that,

And here we are;

Just me and you.

When it comes to facing you I struggle to see me in you.

You’re just a reflection, probably an imaginary reflection of I,

You mimic my actions but mock me at the same time.,

You point out my flaws and zoom into my scars

You cannot possibly be me!

I would never do that to myself.

My reflection laughed as I confidently detached myself from you.

Then suddenly I realised, this is me.

I ridicule myself and point out my flaws daily.

I find no solace in my reflection while I entertain the external pains of what they say.

I listened to them,

Knowing my greatness,

I walked to the mirror still I listened to them.

And I blamed you.

My reflection, my calm, my jewel,

I see your hurt.

I’m sorry I caused it.

I will learn to forgive myself for blaming you and synchronously move with you as you do with me she said;

With a calming sensation that rushed over me,

I heard her say I’ve got you!

That’s what she said, I think.

Yes that’s what her reflection said she Said.

Mirror Reflection

By Thulani Gift Sibanda

Like a blind shadow she looks past the blind reflection of a piercing light,

Radiating in the reflection of time, written and spoken in the lines of her emotions saying I matter.

Focused on the inspirations of the lyrics her hair sings,

There’s more…

Sitting behind a broken heart,

Eyes that travel through distant realms, Thoughts recaptured, Trauma recollected.

Misery embraces her like a warm hug from a friend.

The painting of a past that is an artist’s agony,

Strokes of a pencil like riddles of the tormented peace is the price,

In that image, The mirror is a friendly reminder of reality.

The portrait of tears that are the internal river ripples of flooded emotions…

The path to healing is long.

The hands of a goddess narrating a new chapter of life,

A clean focus on the lenses that capture the emotions explored by a verse in the mirror,

The true reflection of a moment so rich yet framed.


By Masindi Mphephu

My inner voice speaks,

It cries out in its loudest.

Can I hear it?

Do I have the time in this busy world to just listen to myself?

My body speaks

I can hear it, but do I listen?

Can you hear it?

Is this the universal language which is said to always speak volumes?

I am always saying something.

I am always saying something.

I engage in mindless conversations,

hoping to somehow end up speaking of what my inner self has to say.

I reveal my inner thoughts and feelings,

You seem stunned, so I say.

Don’t mind me,

I was just thinking out loud.

I am always saying something.

I am always saying something,

I engage in mindless conversations,

Hoping to somehow end up speaking of what my inner self has to say,

I reveal my inner thoughts and feelings,

You seem stunned

So I say

Don’t mind me I was just thinking out loud

I am always saying something.

(a response)

By Beauty Ntlaba

But am I listening?

Or am I thrown off by the language of truth my inner voice is screaming in?

Locked away by my thrive to be perfect and yet ignoring the words that are within me,

Chanting to release the perfect “I” which I never see

Through the search of distractions I should be running from,

Listen, it said.

I’m releasing you;

The same you: you are trying so hard to become,

While you pretend not to hear me.

Dance to the tune of my cries and you will find the you,

Perfect fit I am,

A puzzle that you beautifully are.